Frequently asked questions
The application is only $3! This price is a bargain, considering how delighted folks have been with the program. Nonetheless, we like publicity, so we're also willing to trade the app for a link to our site. If you want to make this trade, simply add the following code to your website or any site where you have posting priveleges:
<a href="">Stock Menulet, a stock ticker application for your mac menu bar</a>
Send the address of your page (or the page where the link appears) to "". We'll check your site and send you the app (note: the page with the link must be visible to Google). Or, you could just take the plunge:
Yes! Stock Menulet can display prices from stock exchanges all over the world by using "extensions" to the ticker symbol.
For example, the extension for London Stock Exchange stocks is ".L". AstraZeneca's symbol, then, is "AZN.L". Lloyds Banking Group has the symbol "LLOY.L".
Yes! To get Pink Sheets quotes, you have to append ".PK" to the stock symbol name. For example, to get the quote for GeckSystems, enter "GCKO.PK". For WAMUQ, you want "WAMUQ.PK". The extension for OTC quotes is ".OB". To get the quote for Neogenomics, for example, enter "NGNM.OB".
No, our shop is Mac only. For Windows, you want CoolTick, a scrolling stock ticker similar to Stock Menulet. CoolTick has an unobtrusive design we like but is highly customizable.